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Badge-taking cycling tours in Hungary


You can find badge-taking bike rides also in Hungary. Here we will present them.

The aim of the tourist movement can be general (landscape) or thematic (castles, notable geographic points). These are established mostly in connection with a landscape or anniversary or remembrance of a famous personalities at international, national or local level.

These ride tours are possible to complete as defined in its written notice. The fulfilment of a movement sometimes be recognised only on bikes, but there are some tours which are accepted on foot and by bicycle, as well.

In most cases, there are no deadlines for delivery, but there are also periodic tourism movements. This information is always included in the notice of the given tour movements.

You must prove your achievement to the satisfaction of the notice. Usually the proof of the hiking movement is a booklet. During the tour you can collect the certifications (stamps) in this booklet. Once it has been fulfilled you have to send it to the organizing committee.

The organising committee verifies the credibility of the data you provided. Once the fulfilment is accepted, the organising committee will give or send to you a diploma or badge as a proof of your performance.