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  • Distance of tour : 69 km
  • Levels : +521 m,-521 m
  • Average slope: 1 %

  • Distance of tour : 69 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +521 m,-521 m
  • Average slope: 1 %

The tour starts off from Keszthely. We departed from the Bordás Vince promenade, near the railway station. The promenade itself is part of the Balaton bike road.

The bike road connecting Keszthely and Hévíz runs through the prehistoric swamps surrounding the lake, accompanied by large willows. The church from the Árpád era is the most valueable sight to visit in Hévíz, with a little detour.

On chilly mornings, the lake is covered by a layer of steamy mist, and if time allows, it is a real refreshment to take a swim in it. The place of interest at Nemesbük is the two-hole bridge over the river crossing the village.

After Nemesbük we continue to Zalaszentgrót, passing through Zalaköveskút, Zalaszentlászló and Zalaudvarnok. At Zalaszentgrót we can even stop for a quick relaxation at the local thermal baths.

We continue Kehidakustány on the other side of the river Zala, on a secondary road. After Zalakoppány it is worth to stop at Kallósd, where the round church of the local cemetery is a unique sight.

A few km-s after Kehida, but still before Zalaköveskút, we turn toward the valley of the river Zala; we can ride all the way to the river after getting past a couple of difficult slopes. It is a must to visit the experience baths of Kehidakustány. The return journey runs on the bike road all the way to Zalacsány. Those who missed out on the thermal baths earlier, can now take a swim in the lake of Zalacsány.

The return journey continues on secondary roads, first toward Zalaapáti – via Bókaháza – and afterwards on the more crowded, less spectacular road 75 all the way to Keszthely – via Alsópáhok.

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